Magy II

Magy II, Central heating magnetic filter, protecting the combi boilers from the damaging effects of sludge. The super compact design provides an opportunity to fit in all small areas.

The best performance will be achieved by injecting G1 inside the heating system

Magy II homeowner benefits:

  • Prevention of boiler break down during the normal operation of the boiler.
  • Increase combi-boiler lifespan.
  • Decreasing maintenance cost up to 80%.
  • Decreasing technician time in customer house for service.
  • Decreasing energy cost up to 18%.
  • Prevents temperature fluctuation in domestic hot water.
  • Reducing CO2 emission up to 6%.
  • 5 Years warranty

Magy II installer benefits:

  • fast and easy installation
  • Fits horizontal and vertical pipework
  • Easy to service
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation

Technical data:

Cartidge body Polyamide PA66+30% Glass fiber
Filter Cap Polyamide PA66+30% Glass fiber
Filtering Cartridge AISI 304
O-ring Seal NBR
Magnet Neodymium REN42 B=12000 Gauss B(max T) / B(room T)<1% (max T=120°C, Room T=20.5°C) Tested according to ASTM A977 regulations
Compatible fluid Water, Water+Glycol
Maximum operating pressure 3 bar
Operation temperature 0-90 °C
Cartridge filter mesh 800 μm
Operation noise 0 db(A) According to EN13443

Magy II installation guide:

Magy II fits on the return pipe of combi-boilers to prevent boiler break downs. and will capture magnetic and non-magnetic particles during the normal operation of the system.

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