Magy, Central heating magnetic filter, protecting the combi boilers from the damaging effects of sludge. The super compact design provides an opportunity to fit in all small areas.

Home Owner Benefits:

  • Minimum 7% annual saving on heating bills
  • Compact sizes
  • Vertical or Horizontal installation possibility
  • Increases boiler lifespan
  • Retains sludge, rust and magnetite
  • Collects all impurities
  • Fight corrosion and stop further corrosion in the system
  • 5 Years Warranty

Installer Benefits

  • fast and easy installation
  • Fits horizontal and vertical pipework
  • Easy to service
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation

Technical Specification

Cartidge body Polyamide PA66+30% Glass fiber
Filter Cap Polyamide PA66+30% Glass fiber
Filtering Cartridge AISI 304
O-ring Seal NBR
Magnet Neodymium REN42 B=12000 Gauss B(max T) / B(room T)<1% (max T=120°C, Room T=20.5°C) Tested according to ASTM A977 regulations
Compatible fluid Water, Water+Glycol
Maximum operating pressure 3 bar
Operation temperature 0-90 °C
Cartridge filter mesh 800 μm
Operation noise 0 db(A) According to EN13443