G1 inhibitor

Useful for All closed circuits

85 percent of Heating/Cooling closed circuit problems are due to corrosion. By adding G1 Protector to the system, Corrosion will be stopped in the system and boiler breakdown will be guaranteed.

In addition to Corrosion inhibition, the system will be anti-freeze till -4 degree of Celsius and it will prevent scale formation in the system.

Note that, the Ph of this additive is neutral, and it should be left inside the system. So, We should not refill the system any more. If there is a leakage inside the system, before adding G1, We recommend to add G4, as the leak sealer inside the system first.

Advantages of G1 for customers:

  • Reduction of energy consumption till 16%
  • 80% maintenance cost reduction
  • 90% breakdown reduction of the components
  • Stop boiler and its component’s breakdown during the time (i.e. Circulation pump, Expansion vessel, Heat exchanger,…)
  • Stop corrosion and lime scale in the system and heat exchangers.
  • Fast injection in 20 seconds.
  • Easy injection without any drain and refill.

Each Solution 1.8L is for:


800L of water in the system.

Or 75 Blocks of Radiator

Or 550 sq Meter of Under floor heating

Each 300 mL Aerosol is for:


125L of water in the system.

Or 15 Blocks of Radiator

Or 100 sq Meter of Under floor heating

Advantages of G1 for the technicians:

  • Easy and fast injection 9in just 20 seconds).
  • No need to system shutdown or water drainage.
  • No need for any extra connection and tool.
  • 95% reduction in boiler break down and all system components.

Technical details:

G1 protects closed circuit systems against corrosion. The Ph is 7, density is 1.12-1.116 gr/cm2, solvent in water, nontoxic, Biodegradable and not flammable.

Corrosion in the system will cause, formation of magnetite (Black iron oxide), formation of hydrogen, and pitting corrosion on radiators in the system. The result of existence of Magnetite in the system, will be more energy consumption, boiler break down, pump failure, Heat exchanger and valve clog.

Using G1 will prevent scale and corrosion and Hydrogen build up in Radiators.

Each G1 aerosol, contains 300mL, treats 125L water in the system. G1, protects the system by forming a protective layer on the pipes and surfaces. This protects contains 12 elements inside and protects all types of metals and elastomers.

This product is certified by KIWA and NSF.

Important point about G1, is duration of shelf time inside the system which be at least 7 years and there is no need to refill it yearly.

Technical Information
Where to use:In the closed circuit of Heating/ Cooling systems, even cooling system of vehicles, to prevent corrosion and lime scale formation and pH balancer
Place of injection to system:Radiator air plug or any place with female G1/2” connection
Connection size: G1.2"
Soluble color:Brownish yellow
Manufacturer Country:IRAN
time for injection:Maximum 20 seconds
densitygr/cm2:1.2 up to 1.26

Further details:

  • No need for water drainage during injection.
  • Addable during normal operation of system.
  • Suitable for every type of water (soft or hard).
  • Can be added with other additives made by PYACO.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and safe.
  • Injection procedure and usage is printed of the label of the product.
  • With performance guarantee

Best Practice:

For new commissioning systems, first the circuit should be thoroughly cleaned by fresh water. For old systems in heating circuit, First the system should be cleaned by G3 for between 2 hours to 2 weeks. Installing appropriate Magnetic filter highly recommended. If there is any leakage in the system, Adding G4, as the leak sealer is advised.

G1 injection procedure: