Our History

PYACO was founded 10 October 2017 under the company name of Gostaresh Tasisat Peykan by Vahid Yaghmaie in Tehran, Iran. In the beginning PYACO was the exclusive representative of RBM s.p.a in Iran and distributed RBM’s components all over Iran. In the beginning of 2018, PYACO added ADEY (UK) Products into it’s product basket. In middle of 2018, to expand PYACO business, Errecom (Italy) products was introduced to Iranian market.

PYACO launched MAGY, late 2018 and started exporting the product to Turkey from 2019. 

PYACO launched G1 and G4 as PYACO heating system additives early 2019 and distribution of it’s product all over Iran.

Beginning of 2020 was a milestone for PYACO launching four new product, Dual Wash, Dual Mag, Dual Mag Plus and G3

Today, Pyaco products are exporting to Italy, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Armenia

Our Mission

We’re here to protect heating systems and components.  From PYACO’s TCTP, we’re putting a stop to corrosion and system failure.

It’s our mission to eliminate the headache of heating system breakdowns for installers and homeowners. So for more than a decade, we’ve devoted our time to inventing advanced technology and invested in industry leading products that do this.

As a result, our products have made their way into five million homes across the UK and Ireland. Every month that number grows by thousands more, making our name the biggest and in our opinion the best when it comes to protecting heating.